Bandarban Tour


About Bandarban District


The word Bandarban means “the dam of monkeys”. Bandarban District is the most remote district in Bangladesh and it is scarcely populated. This gives visitors and travelers a great chance to trek or have a car ride through the virgin forests and enjoy the beautiful scenery as they navigate the hilly landscape, and view the tallest peaks of Bangladesh. This is also a great chance to meet the various local tribes of the region, in the tribal villages, who are more than 15 ethnic tribes in number. The three highest peaks of Bangladesh are located in Bandarban District while the highest lake is Raikhiang Lake. Part of Kaptai Lake which is the largest lake in the country is found in this district. So, there is a lot to see in our Bandarban Tour.

Why It Is Necessary To Go On Tour

Going on tour is the best way to experience new destinations, meet new people and get away from the hustles and bustles of this everyday life. It is a great way to relax and enjoy your life whether you like a cool environment or you are a thriller seeker.

Your choice should be Bandarban Tour because it will take you to the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. The eye-catching views are breath-taking and they will remain memorable for the rest of your life. Be among the many visitors and travelers who trust us to take them to the most amazing natural sights in Bangladesh. Enjoy the natural beauty, sample the local delicacies and stay in some of the most beautiful bandarban hotels and resorts.

Get Involved

Whether you’re the adventurous outdoor person, you love group participation or you just want to explore the sights with no fuss, it’s the right time for you to get involved. You may choose an active tour where you want a wide-range of experiences or a quiet time having a picnic and proceeding to the heights. But one thing you can be sure of, you will have a lasting connection with the places you visit and the people you meet that will stay with you for the rest of your life. The experience will be unforgettable with Bandarban Tour. You may meet with these people on future tours or get in touch with them by phone or through social media. You’ll never know whom you have just met!

Our guests stay safe and healthy with the facilities available which include Bandarban District Hospital, Bandarban Police Station, telephone services and internet services. However, you may need to carry either bottled drinking water or water purification tablets which you can buy in pharmacies at Dhaka or Chittagong.

How to get around

Transport is available to take you to any destination of your choice. There are many direct bus services which operate in Bandarban. Car rentals are readily available to take you to any destination. Car and bus drivers from Bandarban know the hilly area well. If you are within town, you may enjoy taking a walk or using a rick-saw. Taxis are readily available to take you outside town.

Some of the other things you can enjoy during the Bandarban Tour are the tribal culture and activities. You can visit the local tribes to know about their lifestyle. The local villagers are warm and welcoming. They like visitors and they are very friendly.

Spicing Up Your Life

The Bandarban Tour will take you to the most exotic tourist attractions that you can get in Bangladesh. We want you to enjoy the greatest moment that will be unforgettable. We take you to experience paradise in many of our destinations. Here we take you to experience the most beautiful Bandarban tourist spot.

Are you a nature lover? Do you look forward to a thrilling experience? Would you want to touch the clouds with your hands as well as watch the sunset and the skyline from the mountaintop?

You’ll be surprised by the sites and travel arrangements this tour offers. From Boga Lake, the most beautiful lake in Bangladesh to Shoilo Propat, a famous waterfall and a great tourist attraction in Bangladesh to the highest peaks and river cruises on the crystal clear rivers, you will enjoy every bit of it.

Bandarban Tour takes you to some of the most attractive destinations within Bangladesh. These great areas of interest include various bandarban tourist spots such as Nilgiri, Meghla, Nilachal, Boga Lake, Ruma, Shoilo Propat, Golden Temple, Sangu River and Chimbuk Hill among others. These mind-blowing areas of interest will leave you wanting to return to Bandarban.

You will enjoy a boat ride on Sangu River which is a magnificent site as it flows through the hills and forests with stopovers to take tea or eat food. You may choose the one-hour to a full day boat ride down the river on an oared boat. You may decide to enjoy a picnic during the boat cruise or visit the nearby villages. This will be a memorable moment for you.

Boga Lake and Chimbuk Peak are some of the highly recognized features in this area. The road through Chimbuk Hill is zigzag. If you travel in a jeep you will be able to view the natural scenery and have an adventurous and charming trip. Nilgiri and Meghla are other amazing tourist destinations visited by tourists from all over the world. You may enjoy the spectacular view of Nilachal which is also known as tiger hill. Like Meghla, it is one of the nearest tourist spots to get to, from Bandarban town.

The ethnic groups are divided into clans and sects. Travelers and tourists can take time to roam around the villages to see their colorful culture and lifestyle, which would be a great experience. Music and dance also as well as local festivals trigger interest of the local communities.

What to Buy

Through Bandarban Tour enjoy the exotic fruits such as bananas, papaya, pineapple and jackfruit. The market places are bustles of activity. This is where tribes-people come to sell vegetables and fruits of every color, as well as berries, roots, tubers, and nuts.

You may want to shop for locally-made handcrafts, handmade shawls and tribal textiles among other items from the local community. You may shop for locally made shawls, blankets, trinkets and materials in town which are in abundance. Although you can buy Chinese and Thai trinkets, textile and other items, the best products to remind you of Bandarban Tour are definitely the ones made using the local hand loom such as shawls, cloth fabric, blankets and other items. Bamboo products are also popular among tourists as well as cane and wood products which include hats, baskets, flutes, pitchers and masks among many other well crafted products. These will remind you of your Bandarban Tour for a long time to come and you can also buy gifts for your family and friends. Prices are reasonably low, for the high quality products.

The exotic designs of textiles are refreshing and geometrical. There are also Burmese products made using machine looms which have floral patterns and fire-like designs. In this place, it is common practice to bargain as you sip a cup of tea.

Why You Should Tour With Us

There are several reasons you should take a Bandarban tour with us whether you’re looking forward to an exclusive vacation or a low-budget, unsophisticated trip. Either way, we ensure that, you enjoy your holiday and you’ll be too happy to forget your vacation. The varied tour is so appealing. You will join other experienced travelers and meet a wide range of people from all over the world. Some want a luxurious tour while others are enthusiasts who want new experiences. There are people who travel with their family or friends and those who want to make new friends. Some travelers on the Bandarban Tour make friends for life. An organized tour offers you all these benefits and much more. It removes the hassle of individual holiday planning and the time it takes to get to your destination leave alone knowing where you will stay and what you’ll eat.

Booking your first tour can become overwhelming. You may ask yourself a few questions.  Where will I go? What will I do? How much will I pay? We have tour experts who will help you to plan your trip all the way through and we will be with you every step of the way from start to end.

The Bandarban Tour will be a dream come true for you, whether you are travelling as a solo, with family or friends. You will discover why people are so fond of our Bandarban Tour.

Attractive Hotels and Resorts

There are many attractive and affordable hotels and resorts in Bandarban to choose from. You can either stay in the hotels and resorts within the tourist spots that you visit or in the town. You will enjoy the superb view of Sangu River from Hotel River View, the excellent view of the hill from Hotel Hill View and much more. If you want to stay in the Bandarban city and visit the tourist spots from there, you may book Hotel Hill Queen or Hotel Plaza Bandarban which are located near the bus stand. If you want to stay in one of the cheapest hotels in the area or you’re on a low-budget, go for Hotel Hill Bird.

Nalgiri Resort up the mountain will give you a lifetime chance to live in the clouds.  Being one of the highest peaks in Bangladesh, Nilgiri spot will give you the chance to view the beautiful hilly scenery around you from the mountaintop. You’ll be embraced by the clouds as you relax and enjoy the serenity. Whether you plan to book a VIP Suite, a normal Suite or otherwise, Hotel Sangu is a place to check. However, in all these hotels and resorts, you will enjoy a friendly environment and excellent service. The staff will take care of all your needs throughout your stay. You will have a wonderful time as you are provided with the best service in terms of food and drink, accommodation, room service and much more. The wide-variety of delicious dishes offered in the restaurants will give you an opportunity to taste different foods including local foods and drinks, Continental dishes, Chinese foods and Thai varieties among many others. You may take a snack between meals or have packed meals during your trips.

Some of the tourist destinations covered by the Bandarban Tour are within a short distance like Meghla and Nilachal while others take you to the highest peaks of Bangladesh where you can watch the surrounding scenery from the top or enjoy being blanketed by the clouds or fog in Nilgiri or Chimbuk Hill. If you want to celebrate your vacation with a picnic then choose to spend a day at Meghla.

By bus

There are three ways you can get to Bandarban. The easiest way is by taking a direct bus from Dhaka. The journey takes about 6 hours. You may need to buy tickets in advance during the high tourist season because of the high demand. The bus services available include Dolphin, Unique, Shyamoli, Saudia, Eagle, BRTC, and S Alam.

You may also take a 2-hour bus ride from Chittagong to Bandarban. The most readily available bus service includes Purbani which you can take at Bahaddarhaat. To get from Dhaka to Chittagong, you have 3 options; to take a flight, a bus ride or travel by train. The available flights include Bangladesh Biman, Regent Air, United Airways, and Novo Air. The best bus service, if you decide to take a bus ride, is Sohag which you can take at Kalabagan and Mahakhali. Travelling by train involves taking any of the train services from Kamalapur. These include Turna Nishitha, Subarna and Mahanagar Godhuli.

The other alternative is to travel from Cox’s Bazar. This is a 3-hour bus ride. However, for you to reach Cox’s Bazaar from Dhaka, you can either take a 10-hour bus ride or a flight using Bangladesh Biman or GMG airlines. You may also reach this place from Chittagong which is 4-hour bus ride.

By car

Car rentals are available.

  • At Chittagong, the service is available from Bangladesh Enterprise.
  • At Chandgao get your car from Alam Enterprise or Al-Amin Enterprise.
  • At Hazi Para get the car rental at Bismilla Fashion in Agrabad.
  • At Reazuddin the car will be available at Bazar or Samara Fashions etc.

It’s not advisable to rent a car at Dhaka to take you all the way to Bandarban because of the hilly landscape which the drivers in this town may not be able to navigate. We would advise you to hire a driver from Bandarban to take you to your destination, since he will know how to maneuver through the hilly countryside.